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Who is

We are which is interested in news and information about personal financial services which provided by financial institutions in credit card, loans, mortgage and all banking products in Saudi Arabia, we  presents articles to help the individual to do financial planning and sound decision-making based on the latest financial information.

Works in editors specialists in banking, insurance ,banking technology and information security, Providing coverage about:

  • Daily financial news.
  • Banks campaign.
  • Explain banking & insurance products.
  • Explain how to use Banking Technology in the Internet by picture and step by step
  • …. etc

We respond to reader comments, sometimes the number of comments up to 60 comments in Social Media fan page in Twitter.

We will start ( YouTube channel before the end of year to complete our services, To be the first Arabic website provide information about finance and banking services, personal finance in Saudi Arabia and uses of social media networks. began in JAN and will be the finance information portal in future for all people in Saudi Arabia